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The Advantages of Lithium Battery UPS

The Advantages of Lithium Battery UPS

Although lithium battery UPS is developing rapidly, many people are still using lead-acid batteries. After all, lead-acid batteries have been used for a long time, so people will be more confident about them. In addition, most people have a sense of trust and dependence on things they have used for a long time, which is not easy to change under the influence of lack of external force. Therefore, most people prefer to use their own lead-acid batteries, which are more familiar to them.

In the final analysis, the strangeness of lithium battery UPS is the biggest reason that prevents people from using lithium battery UPS. Today, let's learn about lithium battery UPS and its advantages.

Advantages of lithium battery UPS:

① Large difference in size ratio: Compared with lead-acid battery, the size of lithium battery UPS is one third of that of lead-acid battery, which can reduce the occupation of working space.

li-battery UPs.jpeg

② High energy ratio: lithium battery UPS has high energy ratio and high storage energy density. This is determined by its power generation principle, because the lithium in the lithium battery UPS is an atom with a proton number of 3. Under the same mass, the lithium battery UPS has more mol and generates more energy, so the energy density is larger.

③ High operating temperature tolerance: the operating temperature of conventional lithium battery UPS is - 20 ℃~60 ℃. However, the performance of lithium battery UPS will decline when the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, and the discharge capacity will decrease accordingly. Therefore, the operating temperature of lithium battery UPS with complete performance is usually 0~40 ℃. Some specially customized lithium battery UPS can withstand different temperatures, and some can even operate normally in an environment of hundreds of degrees Celsius.

④ The upper and lower limits of temperature adaptability of lithium battery UPS to the working environment are much higher than those of lead-acid batteries. This can reduce the installation and maintenance costs, maintenance costs, electricity costs, etc. of air conditioners for users. In particular, the service life of lithium battery UPS is very long. In the long run, lithium battery UPS can save a lot of costs for users, reduce the use of air conditioners, and become more environmentally friendly.

⑤ Long cycle life: The service life of lithium battery UPS is very long. A lithium battery UPS can be used for more than 6 years, up to 9 years, if no accident occurs. The normal use times are more than 2500. It can be used more than 3000 times without any accident.

⑥ No memory effect: lithium battery UPS has no memory effect; The battery can be charged and discharged at any time. The battery self discharge is low, and the monthly self discharge is less than 1%. The battery can be stored for a long time; Powerful, fast charging and discharging, more than 80% charging in 20 minutes, and discharging in 15 minutes.

⑦ Environmental advantages: The materials used for lithium battery UPS do not contain harmful heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury, etc. There are no pollutants generated during the production and use of lithium battery UPS, which ensures human health. The recycling of lithium battery UPS is supported by policies. The method of cascade recycling can make more efficient use of the residual energy of lithium battery UPS and continue to play a role in other fields.

⑧ Numerous protection functions: complete protection functions, including battery overvoltage and undervoltage protection, output overvoltage protection, output undervoltage alarm, output short circuit, over temperature and other protection functions;

Unattended function: when the system is automatically protected due to battery undervoltage due to long-term mains power failure, it can automatically start up and charge the battery after the mains power returns to normal, effectively protecting the battery.

The special air duct design ensures that the boards do not accumulate dust, and that the power devices are in good working condition, thus improving the reliability of the whole machine.

⑨ Good compatibility: It is perfectly compatible with all types of lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, allowing users to have more choices.

There are many advantages of lithium battery UPS, because different types of lithium battery UPS have their unique advantages. For example, battery pack: three-phase input can include power factor correction (for three-phase machines); N+X is redundant in parallel (for three-phase machines). 

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